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About Our Company
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York Specialty, LLC is a company specializing caulking, waterproofing, and various other moisture protection operations.

Corporate Objectives

To provide our caulking and waterproofing customers with the best materials, the most competent mechanics, and the most conscientious customer service that we can.

Corporate Priorities

To have a customer who is pleased with our caulking and waterproofing performance and will want to use us on their future caulking and waterproofing projects.

Company Bio

Established in 1999, York Specialty was founded by Troy Halczuk. Troy spent many years as a mechanic and field superintendent for two of the area's most prominent caulking and waterproofing companies. Troy gained the experience, knowledge, problem solving abilities, and contacts that he would need when he started York Specialty in September of 1999. The company grew and prospered and as a result expanded. to a new and larger base of operations in 2001.

Our commitment to quality, workmanship, and customer satisfaction has propelled York Specialty into a leadership role in the caulking, waterproofing, and moisture protection industry.


York Specialty's most important resource is our experienced staff of mechanics. Our people are rigorously screened for criminal backgrounds and are frequently drug tested. York Specialty has a zero tolerance drug/alcohol policy. Safety is one of our priorities and all our employees are trained and outfitted with personal protection equipment, and trained in proper safety procedures.